We are extending office closure until May 4

To provide continuity of care, telephone appointments will replace in person appointments.  Your provider will call you at the same date and time of your pre- scheduled appointment.  Together, we can find the best way for ongoing treatment including medications prescriptions.

Please call 425 647 1225

to cancel, change or make new appointments. 

There is no change in fee, insurance coverage or co-pay.

Take Charge
  • Strengthen your immune system by taking supplements such as Vitamin D3 at bedtime, Vitamin B complex in the morning;   balanced and nutritious food, early to bed; meditation

  • Structure your day similar to your pre pandemic routine, if you are working from home.  Similarly, if you have school age. Schedule their learning time and your breaks at the same time.  Flexibility is key. 

  • Go outdoors for walks and play, around your property or neighborhood while observing 6 feet distance from the next person.  Benefits: fresh air, energy boost, minimize feeling trapped or confined, sunshine, improve mood  and more.

  • Take advantage of the time that just became available from not commuting to and from work, getting dressed etc.  You can  finish and enjoy unfinished projects, call special people who previously you had no time to call, spend time with your family, start exercise routine, catch up with your sleep, and more, all  for free.

  • Be mindful of comfort eating, watching too much pandemic related news, and inactivity.

  • Taking charge will help mitigate feelings of helplessness that typically lead to anxiety and depression.

Telephone with or without video

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the suspension of enforcement of HIPAA penalties around telehealth, patient communication, and remote communication technologies  during the Covid-19 National Emergency 


Please be informed that these third-party applications can potentially introduce privacy risks. 


We are assessing the risk benefit ratio of applications such as Zoom, Facetime, SKYPE. 


We recommend that you look into Google Duo.  You  may download this app to the  device you wish to use during our appointment.


Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

These symptoms include:

  • muscle and bone pain

  • sleep problems

  • diarrhea and vomiting

  • cold flashes with goose bumps

  • uncontrollable leg movements

  • severe cravings