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1. We do not do forensic, disability, or life insurance  evaluation.


2. Filling out forms.  Accomodation forms, advocacy letter, and disability forms are only available to patients already in active ongoing treatment. Active ongoing treatment means your provider have current clinical information to support the disability or accomodation. This process takes place during a separate office visit.  If more documents are requested in addition to filling out forms, fee is required prior to sending additional documents. 


3. Confidentiality.  Family members are encouraged to be involved in your care only if you give written consent and with you present during the appointment, 


4. Coordination of Care.  We believe in team aprroach to healthcare.  We will fax your healthcare notes or treatment summary to your other providers at no charge. 



Forensic ( legal)  and commercial insurance companies such as life, liability, and disability are not part of your healthcare team.  You are protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). 


It is our policy not release your personal health information to non-healthcare entities without permission directly from you, even if  request is accompanied by signed release. If we agree to provide records, the requesting entity will be charged for records at a rate comparable to attorney fees.  

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