New Patients

Before making an appointment, read FMP policies and responsible prescribing.  Informed consent is crucial in a successful treatment.



Registration forms:

Download, complete and send prior to your initial appointment, which will be scheduled after receipt of documents. Please include copy of insurance card. You may use standard US Mail, fax or attach to email (link is on lower right corner of HOME page).

Office line 425-647-1225. Appointments, questions, and other needs. Non urgent calls will be returned within 3 business days.


For life threatening emergency call 911.

Clinic Hours

Monday 9am-5pm Telephone

Tuesday 11am- 5pm

Wednesday 11am- 6pm 

Thursday 9am-5pm 

Friday 9am-5pm Telephone

A comprehensive initial evaluation is the first step in getting optimal quality psychiatric care.  Each evaluation is different, as each person's symptoms and behaviors are different but the general structure is as follows: 


Part One 

 During this appointment, we gather information about your early childhood and family experiences; genetic factors; medical history and medications; psychiatric treatment history including medication trials; current medications and symptoms. Together, we review the questionaires you downloaded from the website and completed. Lab tests may be ordered.  We address acute symptoms that need immediate intervention.  Generally, for your safety, no medication, particularly controlled substances, current or new, will be prescribed until we have all information to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan. If you are already on stimulants, it is important to be evaluated before your current prescription runs out. 


Part Two 

On your second appointment, we discuss diagnosis or diagnoses, treatment options, treatment recommendations.  We may recommend a different treatment option from what you are currently taking,  particularly if side effects are major contributors to your symptoms such as sedation, dependency, cognitive slowing and so forth.  All these will be discussed before change is made.  Treatment agreement/consent is necessary to be an established patient with FMP. 

Follow Up Appointments

To get the most out of your time with your  provider, come prepared with your specific symptoms checklist, concerns, questions, medication issues including refill needs. 

Frequency of visits is based on medical necessity.  Once stable, follow up visits are every 3 months.  

Being on time not only helps you but also patients following your appointment. 

Filling out forms is a separate appointment to focus on that specific issue. 

Early cancellation frees up appointments for others.  



FMP currently has no receptionist.

In order for us to attend to your urgent clinical needs, leave your specific message, a phone number where we can leave a confidential response.