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During your follow up appointment, you and your provider will review efficacy, side effects, medication interactions and medical necessity  of your medications.  All medications are now electronically refilled.

 Responsible Prescribing.  Controlled substance medications are carefully reviewed.  If medically necessary to continue, you will be given  a  prescription during an appointment only. We generally do not prescribe Benzodiazepines and Hypnotics ( Schedule IV ) for long term use.   If used continuously and in high dose, they can  promote  tolerance, dependency and addiction. 

Stimulants are Schedule II in the controlled Substance Act.  This class of medication can promote significant dependence and addiction if not taken as prescribed. 


 Expect delays in starting your medication, if it requires prior  authorization.  We  will do the necessary paperwork but the rest is between  you and your insurance  carrier.  

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